EvenStart Design for a Cause was created in a collaborative effort of Ilona Boyce’s vision to combine her passion for scarves and appreciation for local Calgary artists. The concept of selling high quality, locally created scarves that would support the EvenStart Foundation- EvenStart Design for a Cause program was born.

The ideology behind the collaboration is when you buy a scarf you directly support the EvenStart Foundation  program that assists “at risk’ children coming from backgrounds of severe poverty, neglect, and abuse. All proceeds from the scarves go directly to the EvenStart Foundations program.

With your help we have changed the lives of over 4,000 children, when we change their lives, we change the lives of their families, too. EvenStart makes it possible to interrupt the cycle of poverty and trauma.

When we interrupt this cycle, we help this child learn a new way “to be”. By doing this it opens new doors, doors that hold a future of promise and hope.

We are a team of local creators committed to improving the lives of Calgary families. We do all of this, with your help.

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EvenStart Design for a cause




Ilona Boyce 


Ilona’s professional goal has been to advocate for all children, regardless of their circumstance, to ensure that each child is given the benefit of “evenstart” in life. She is combining her passion with art to help raise funds for the EvenStart for Children’s Foundation of Calgary.

 Larry Gutterson

Graphic Artist

For the past 25 years, Larry has developed techniques and works of art, that are both innovative and unique, providing a three dimensional tableau, that captivates the viewer’s attention.

 Brandylynn Phillips

 Product Management & Marketing Communications Manager, Graphic Designer & Photographer

Brandylynn explored her passion for creativity through her work as a designer. She coordinated with Ilona to establish a brand for EvenStart Design For A Cause that inspires local artists to engage in the initiative. She experimented with a variety of outlets in sharing the story of EvenStart Design For a Cause and the EvenStart Foundation.

Cynthia Mackenzie

Mixed Media Artist

Cynthia a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design (1975), held her first solo art show in the picturesque Spanish village of Mijas on the Costa Del Sol. Returning to Calgary with a portfolio of work, she launched a long and successful career as a professional artist and creative art teacher.

Cindy Eeson

Fine Artist

Cindy Eeson has been creating beautiful images her whole life but it wasn’t until recently that she could devote herself full time to the creative process. Now most days find her at her easel painting large luscious flowers.

Dr Marcy McCallum  

Fine Artist

Marcelle was born in Houston, Texas, USA but has lived in Calgary, Alberta the majority of her life. At 15 years old, her family spent a year in England where she was introduced to Europe’s artistic and cultural history. She worked and saved her money to go on a “Grand Tour” of Europe. After graduating from High School, Marcelle finally had the opportunity to explore the museums, castles, art galleries, cathedrals and streets of the rest of Europe, realizing that she, too, was meant to do art.

A student of Master Karl Lengauer of Avanti Art and Glass Calgary, Marcelle practiced the art of stained glass for 18 years. A self-taught artist until 1990, she decided to enroll in a community art class with her first instructor in watercolour, Joan Fedoroshyn and studied with her for six years. Many life changes prompted Marcelle to upgrade her education, graduating in 1997 from SAIT Printing Management Technology program and receiving the Louise McKinney award for academic excellence. She learned the technical skills of graphic communication and transferred her fine art skills to the world of computer design. In 1996 Marcelle started showing her work at La Flamme and Peters Gallery and in 1998 was juried into the Calgary art association The Group. In 2014, she was juried into the Federation of Canadian Artists, and is an Active Member in the Calgary Chapter, participating in their semi-annual Spring and Fall juried exhibitions.

Between the years 2000-2002 Marcelle suffered major health and emotional trauma and this would impact the direction on her life. She withdrew from the art scene and again went back to school, this time to the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to become a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor. She graduated in 2003, and to date is working as a Registered Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Throughout 2000-2010 Marcelle still painted and took art courses through Leading Edge Workshops to sustain her love of art.

Art has been her “Rock of Gibraltar” throughout her life but now Marcelle also uses her art to heal. Pursuing a dual career path as an artist and a doctor allows her to be of service using the talents and gifts she has developed in her life. She concludes: “Looking back on my life, art and the ability to create—to take ideas and translate them into something for all to enjoy, and to heal from this process and heal others, has been central to my journey and made me who I am today”.



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