Salma has two young children, Daniel and Emily – all are adjusting to life in Calgary. With help, Salma was able to flee Syria in search of a better life for her and her children. Salma is on her own navigating a new city, learning a new language, and adjusting to Calgary winters. With limited resources and few connections, Salma experienced loss and loneliness.

Salma was first referred to our program through an immigrant serving agency .Concerned that her children’s speech was not progressing, Salma was in search of help. In addition to language delays, her children had tantrums as they struggled to communicate and adjust to their new surroundings. By assisting Salma in her own home where she felt safe and comfortable, we learned more of the family’s struggles to get to the safety that Canada offered. With help, Salma accepted a placement for both children, giving these children a ‘new’ start.

Today, Daniel and Emily are in their second year of programming. Their favourite part of the morning routine is the high-five they give to the bus driver after they give their Mom a hug and wave good-bye. Through Heartland, Salma has also made connections of her own as she attends parent groups and education classes offered through the program. Connecting with other women – other moms – who have journeyed on the same pathway as her has brought a sense of comfort and optimism about what the future may bring…