An Open Letter to all Friends and Supporters of EvenStart

Our educational/therapeutic programs serve approximately 200 children a year (ages three to five), who come from severe poverty and who are at risk due to the effects of neglect, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and other forms of trauma. Each Christmas season, we prepare hampers for almost 150 of the families most in need! These families fall well below the poverty line.

Hamper Details

Each hamper consists of basic household and personal items, grocery cards, department store gift cards, etc., that assist a family well into the New Year. We have estimated the approximate cost of assembling a hamper (with all suggested items and gifts from Santa) at around $750 for a family of four.

There is no internal overhead to this charitable initiative; as a donor-driven organization ourselves, this is a grassroots effort. All staff give their time to coordinate, assemble, and deliver hampers to each family prior to Christmas day. All donations in their entirety go directly to the families in need.

All cash/cheque donations and hamper expenditure sales slips are eligible for an Income Tax Receipt!

The hamper provisions supplied go a long way to bring pleasure and needed relief to parents who otherwise would have nothing to give their children on Christmas morning.

Here is How You Can Help!

  1. Register as a hamper participant and/or donate grocery cards or other items.
  2. Include our website link ( in your outgoing emails and Christmas correspondence to friends, family, and colleagues, who might be looking for a worthwhile Christmas charity to support!
  3. Place our Christmas poster on your community or organization bulletin board!
  4. Along with a friend, family member, teacher, student, work colleague, or association member, you can help assemble or contribute to a holiday hamper for a child in need!

Happy Holidays to you and your families!

Brianna Parkhill

1625 18TH ST. NE

Phone: (403) 541-0277
Fax: (403) 541-0800


A New Year’s Resolution: Assist Us in helping these Families and their Children

Your Donations can be earmarked to address tangible family & children’s needs including a bus pass or grocery card!

Contribute to a Grocery Card

(Denominations: $25, $50, $100, $200)

For many families, we help them with grocery expenses during the hardest seasons of cold or unemployment.

A cash donation can be small or large – it all helps!

To buy a grocery card or contribute money towards a grocery card, please select that option on our donation form.

Tax Receipts are issued for cash donations to the grocery card program.

Contribute to a Bus Pass

(Monthly passes or day fare tickets)

Many of our single parents are the sole breadwinners. The cost of a monthly bus pass or book of tickets is often a luxury. To get to their jobs, or to seek employment, they need our help in supporting their public transportation needs, especially during the cold winter months.

As an agency acting on their behalf, we can purchase special passes for low-income parents to assist them.

Using our online donation form you can earmark your donation to this area of need and we will send you a tax receipt for your contribution.

Please contact us to find out more as to how you can continue your support of our children and their families in need.