At the heart of all programming, respect for children, families, staff, environments, materials and self is key. Despite challenging and often tumultuous early life experiences, children are active participants and co-constructors in their own learning, while the role of the adult becomes that of careful listener and guide.

Inspired by the Reggio-Emilia approach to learning, children’s imaginations and intellect are sparked through provocations that take advantage of space, light, colour, beauty and natural objects, thereby encouraging children to explore and pursue their interests in a safe and supportive environment. As part of a Reggio-inspired philosophy, we believe:

  • Imagination is at the heart of learning.
  • Creativity and wonder are fostered by a great respect for children and their intelligence
  • An environment that encourages calmness and slowing down acts as the ‘third teacher’
  • Children are creative, competent, capable and curious. By listening closely to the children, we are in tune with their interests and skills, and can plan accordingly
  • Relationships among children, parents, and staff are nourished through collaboration so that everyone feels valued
  • Children are encouraged to use different materials to show what they know and express their imagination and creativity