Each year, we are gratified by your response to our call for support during our Annual Christmas Hamper Drive.

The EvenStart for Children Foundation, in partnership with the Heartland Agency, organize and supply hampers for over 150 families in need each Christmas season.

These hampers go to families we know well, for they belong to the children who are registered in our education and treatment programs.

We know who has had a baby, whose household is undergoing trauma and distress, and whose children are in need. Our professional staff of psychologists, speech and occupational therapists, social workers, teachers, and assistants are in constant touch and visit these families regularly. That's how we know their holiday needs and wishes so well.

These families have needs which become even more pressing during the holidays when children's expectations for gifts and food overwhelm a solo parent, a single breadwinner, or an unemployed father or mom, who have empty pocket books and insurmountable family stresses.

Teachers, Friends, Neighbours, Co-Workers, Students: Can you help us?

Our families need basic household, health, and personal items, a well as holiday gifts. We also supply families with gift certificates to department stores, transit passes, and grocery cards to help them get through the season.

Please Adopt a Family!

You can contribute individually or along with others – classmates, co-workers, friends, neighbours, or family. You can contribute towards the cost of a hamper or help by assembling one.

If you want to make this your Holiday Charity, please contact us for more information.

Please contact us by telephone at: (403) 541-0277, by fax at: (403) 541-0800, or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Donated toys, candies, gifts, along with the vital personal and household items you provided, bring great joy and make life differences for children who expect and will not be disappointed by Santa's visit this year!

We pick up your hampers and deliver them to the families whom you sponsor. We manage to deliver most of the hampers before their children are home from school.

Parents hug us, and want us to tell you of their great thanks for giving their children a normal Christmas morning.

The impact of this generosity lasts many families well into the New Year.

But we're never done! Our organization continues throughout the year and, when needed, helps families with diapers, or a bus pass or a grocery card. We do this all year long since we are on top of family circumstances and therefore often able to react quickly.,

Please help us again this holiday season.

- Hamper Program 2014

EvenStart families thank staff & donors for making Christmas a time of celebration.

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