Annual Christmas Hamper Drive

Each year, we are gratified by your response to our call for support during our Annual Christmas Hamper Drive.

The EvenStart for Children Foundation, in partnership with the Heartland Agency, organize and supply hampers for over 150 families in need each Christmas season. These hampers go to families we know well, for they belong to the children who are registered in our education and treatment programs.

We know who has had a baby, whose household is undergoing trauma and distress, and whose children are in need. Our professional staff of psychologists, speech and occupational therapists, social workers, teachers, and assistants are in constant touch and visit these families regularly. That’s how we know their holiday needs and wishes so well.

These families have needs which become even more pressing during the holidays when children’s expectations for gifts and food overwhelm a solo parent, a single breadwinner, or an unemployed father or mom, who have empty pocket books and insurmountable family stresses.

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