EvenStart is a five-day-a-week morning/afternoon program for children from backgrounds of poverty, abuse, trauma or neglect. It provides daily socialization, therapies and nutritional needs to the children. EvenStart transports children to and from the program from all areas of the city. It has small personalized classrooms to meet each child’s needs. We also do regular home visits throughout the year providing extra support and assistance to our families.

At Christmas time EvenStart, in partnership with the Heartland Agency,runs the Annual Christmas Hamper Drive. With the help of donations from the Calgary community, we provide our families with Christmas hampers to help make the season a little brighter.

The following assessment and therapy services are offered within this program:

  • Development Assessments: These assessments are available for children up to the age of six years. They measure a child’s functioning across eight developmental areas (against a standardized norm). They target areas of strength and areas for development that are specific to each child;
  • Speech and Language: Assessments are completed and therapies are conducted by speech pathologists and therapy assistants. A child’s level of language is assessed for their age and a program will be designed that will be developmentally appropriate for a child in order to assist them in closing the gap.
  • Gross and Fine Motor: These assessments will help to determine your child’s current level of development in these areas. The assessment and following therapies are conducted by an Occupational Therapist and therapy assistants to develop a program designed specifically for a child that is developmentally appropriate and will be implemented with the use of some of the best equipment available.
  • Psycho-Educational: This includes testing, reporting and treatment by a chartered psychologist, in cognitive, behavioural and emotional concerns. Play therapy is provided, when required.
capital-campaign This program is available at our Monterey Park, Currie Barracks and Signal Hill locations.
time Five days a week in the morning/afternoon.

transportation EvenStart transports children to and from the program from all areas of the city.

age Children three to five years of age with special needs.

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