Heather Nelson

Heather has guided and inspired the creation of many works of art over her past 15 years of teaching in Calgary. She has taught in private and public schools and many art centres across the city, and has worked with thousands of children and adults.

Embracing the Reggio philosophy in teaching was a natural fit for Heather as she was using many of Reggio’s tenants, including the exploration of a variety of media to express the hundred languages of children, following the lead of the child, and using beautiful materials with her own three children and many students over the years. Heather graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Bachelors of Education from the University of Calgary and is a practicing, professional artist with paintings hung in private and corporate collections all over the world. Heather loves beautiful things and it brings her great pleasure to facilitate art making with the children and staff at the EvenStart Program.

Larry Guterson

Larry learned to love art as a child and believes every child should have the same experience. Working in glass, bronze, clay and paints, Larry has developed remarkable techniques that are both innovative and unique. He works between traditional media and the computer and the resultant interface creates unique displays that capture light internally and produces spectacular imagery. Larry’s bronze sculptures have been shown from Arizona to Oregon, and his glass work is on display in galleries across Canada. Larry works out of the Inglewood Galleria in Calgary, Alberta.

In 2014 Larry created an artistic piece titled “EvenStart to the Finish Line” for our Foundation. This piece was presented to both Shania Twain and William Shatner at the Calgary Stampede.


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