Christmas Fund Article Published

As promised, here's an online article (with video) from the Calgary Herald highlighting EvenStart. It's a great description of the important work done in the program, with a mention of the EvenStart Child Development Centre -- which we'll start building in the spring of 2016!

christmas-fund-evenstart2Image from Calgary Herald article, showing Dee-Ann Chibry, Paula David, and Brianna Parkhill reading to EvenStart children.

EvenStart Director Interviewed On Global

Brianna Parkhill, Director of EvenStart Programs and Services, was recently interviewed on a Calgary's Child Magazine segment on Global News in Calgary. Here's the interview.

EvenStart Chosen For Christmas Fund 2015

EvenStart has been chosen to be one of the Calgary Herald's Christmas Fund 2015 supported charities! It's an honour to be selected on the 25th anniversary of this amazing initiative. Here's the official announcement

bridgeland1Group photo of all recipients, including Brianna Parkhill and Dee-Ann Chibry from EvenStart

Later this month, the Herald will highlight EvenStart in one of their daily articles. Stay tuned.

Barrels & Baubles

This annual event brings together some of Calgary's leading designers to design and build fashionable Christmas trees, which are then auctioned off to raise funds for a local charity. This year they generously donated the proceeds to EvenStart.

0050 BB charity event retouched-1c44f077f0Heartland's Mandy Drachenberg, Dee-Ann Chibry, Brianna Parkhill, Becky Friedrich, Nytasha Mayell, and Lea Blust attend Barrels & Baubles 2015



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